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I’ve blogged about quinoa before. Take a look here and also here for the previous items as well as a description of quinoa.

The trick with quinoa is a good stock. This time I used an organic mushroom garlic stock in which I prepared the quinoa. I had seperately marinated the chicken in olive oil, white wine (I think it was a chardonnay) and oregano. After marinating for some 3 hours, I grilled the chicken and diced it.

You cook the quinoa in the broth. When the quinoa is almost ready, I throw in the raisins to “plump” them. After the whole mixture is cool, I add the diced cucumber, sweet peas and the diced chicken. The garnishing is just to make the picture look a bit nicer 😉 To be honest, I throw it out after the picture is taken 🙂

Anyway, yummy… very nutritous and no salt… can’t be beat!

(The picture is taken in tupperware coz I brought it to work…. not very glam but couldn’t be bothered to wash another dish for the sake of an aesthetic pic)