Firstly, make a simple chicken broth by boiling a couple of skinned chicken breasts for about an hour. You can make the stock more robust by using dried scallops or abalone to crank up the flavour a bit. However, don’t scrimp on the chicken if you can and don’t add salt.

Once the stock is done, strain it and skim off the fat to leave a clear, relatively fat-free broth.

While the stock is being prepared, roast half a pumpkin in an oven (180 degrees centigrade) for about an hour until the pumpkin is soft.

Peel and dice the pumpkin, add it into the broth together with a palmful of washed coriander with the stalk removed. I used a hand blender to create a puree. Once pureed, bring to a boil. Serve with freshly grated multi-pepper (red, black and white).

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Chicken stock, baked pumpkin and coriander before being hand blended, the blended soup being heated and the final product!

Very good, salt-free 🙂 … to be repeated!