Had a good Sunday morning. Woke up at 530am, went for a run, showered, got to church well in time for the 8am service which meant I had about 20 minutes to catch up with my CGL which was good. After church, I felt peckish and since the service ended early-ish (about 930am), I headed down to the Marine Terrace wet market to see what my favourite fishmonger had.

Well, he had a beautiful, fresh, and chunky sole fish. I like sole fish so that was a bonus. Cost = S$6. Pretty good for a hefty piece of fish (can’t remember the weight).

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Simple prep. Take some flour and crack a good load of white, black and red pepper in the flour and mix it all up. Score the fish on both sides. Lightly dust the pepper flour onto the fish and sprinkle some dried dill over both sides. Pan fry in a good amount of grapeseed oil til done. In the meantime, lightly pan fry some boiled baby carrots in some butter.

Amazing meal. The bones posted for MMM.