Holidays are a time for me to take stock.


I started blogging because I’m in the business of marketing. Early career was all about TV, Radio, Print, POS, Packaging, and Outdoor. Later came Web 1.0. Now, we have wikis, blogs, podcasts, push, pull, sms, forums, youtube, SEM, etc. Well, basically a whole peak hour traffic jam full of media vehicles available to the marketer. I needed to understand the anatomy of blogging. I learned a lot about tagging and meta-tagging, seasonality, what drives traffic up, the impact of incoming links on hit spikes, etc.


I blogged voraciously for 8 months. My highest number of hits per day recently hit 898 and this while I was on holiday. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, perhaps?


I’m not giving up my blogging. But I will be blogging with less frequency. So, what has changed? Well, a couple of things.


When I go away on a longish holiday as I recently did, I never come back to the status quo. That’s just my thing.


I have decided to embark upon a project of writing a Novel. Yep, a real life, grown up fiction. I’m targeting about 60,000 to 150,000 words. This year, I gave myself the target of being published. I’m glad to say that I’ve been published 6 times this year, thrice in the Straits Times. I’m also co-authoring a chapter in a book about blogging with a couple of colleagues.


Anyway, writing a novel is a full time pursuit. I’m not one of those guys who just sit down and “crank it out” like I do with the blog postings. I’ll have to research, do characterizations, plan and outline even before I start writing. So, it’s a big chunk of my time but I’m really looking forward to it.


Secondly, I have enrolled into an Intentional Discipleship Training with my church which is a two year qualification which involves a lot of work (yep, homework) including Bible verse memorization and such like. We meet every Friday for two years from 7pm to 10pm. That should keep my Friday nights honest!


Finally, I hate to admit but I was actually wasting time reading blogs during office hours for a while but since the workflow has notched up significantly for me since about July this year, I’m going in a bit earlier (about 0730hrs) and knocking off by 5pm to do my daily exercise and get cracking on researching and writing.


So, that’s the story. Sorry, if you’ve been coming back often and not seeing any updates of late.


Anyway, this blog will not be killed but the frequency will not be the voracious multiple postings per day of the past. Perhaps more like weekly.


Finally, seems to have messed up my thumbnails. I have written to them but without response. I’ll send them another chaser.


Wish me luck and prayers for my writing project.


Catch you.