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Enlarge the picture to appreciate. The NTUC Fairprice in Siglap has a limited amount of free parking for to up to 30 minutes for those shopping at NTUC Fairprice there.  As the turnover of parking is fairly high, I decided to wait for a shopper who had parked there to leave. Usually the wait is no more than 5 minutes or so.

Sure enough, within a couple of minutes of waiting, a shopper emerged to load the car and head on out.

But he couldn’t!


Coz a highly inconsiderate person thinking it was her divine right, parked her car, switched on the hazard lights and disappeared to where, I have no idea! Perhaps her grandfather-in-law owns NTUC Fairprice?

Anyway, needless to say, due to her well placed parking, neither the person who wanted to leave could leave nor I could park on that lot.

What was the driver thinking? That hazard lights make all crime legitimate? So, if you switched on your hazard lights and throttled someone to death in the car, it’ll be ok since the hazard lights were on?