I’m amazed by SC’s attitude.

Last Thursday, she went for her routine medical. They found an 11cm tumor.

Next day, on Friday, she found out her cancer markers were high. Panic.

Tuesday, she sees a specialist at SGH. They suggest surgery for next morning, 830am, Wednesday.

On Tuesday night, she makes lists of things she needs to do and pack, finishes off some work due for clients, calls family and friends to inform them and to ask them to pray for her, packs her stuff and gets a good night sleep.

The thing that thrilled her the most is that people who don’t usually pray or are not Christians are praying for her. That was the most exciting thing for her the night before her morning op. Bless her.

Today I saw her after her op. She was in good spirits.

I also went again around 5pm and she was feeling a bit nauseous and pained coz the anesthesia was wearing off. But her threshold for pain is so high that she didn’t take painkillers. Amazing. I need painkillers seeing others in pain!

SC thanks all those who prayed for her and asks for continued prayers for quick healing, minimum pain and discomfort and that the tumor is conclusively benign.  At the moment it is 95% certain that it is. Also thanks to God for a successful surgery.

Thanks all.

 (PS. Details left deliberately sketchy. Those who know, know.)