Amy walks in wearing a fusion peranakan/western combination outfit.


John: Hi, sayang.


Amy: (Blushing and smiling) Eh! Hi, hi!


John: Baju nya, cantik!


Amy: (Still blushing): No lah, pai seh, pai seh.


John: Go for kopi?


Amy: Can


So off they went to the kopi-tiam on East Coast Road near Still Road. You see, they were both Baba.


John: (After the kopi arrives) So how?


Amy: No so good, lor.


John: Eh? Why?


Amy: I got pain. See doctor. Say I got cancer.


John: Ah?!


Amy: Ya lor. Dunno going to die or not.


John: (frantic) What he say? What cancer? Where? What to do? You cannot die leh!


Amy: Eh, eh, jangan panic lah. Dunno, leh. Say got tumor in brain, lor. Maybe that why I so stupid (giggles)


John: Eh, don’t so suay lah!


Amy: What to do? We all must die one, right?


John faints.


(to be continued…. maybe)

About 120 anxious moments later, the sound of ambulance. “ba-bu, ba-bu”!

John has regained partial conciousness.

John (weakly): simi tai chi?