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Simple is usually good. I got a couple of good cuts of NZ Rib Eye from Gourmet Plus on Frankel Avenue. Two decent slabs cost under S$13

Prep was a piece of cake (well, a couple of pieces of beef). Heat some olive oil and add some butter (I used President unsalted). Stir fry the snow peas and while stirring add some freshly cracked black pepper. Remove when ready. That’s it.

For the Rib Eye, dice the onions finely and fry in grapeseed oil. Add some sugar and continue to fry until it starts to caramelize. Set aside. Heat beef to the desired doneness. Slide onto serving plate and top with caramelized onions.

As you can see from the picture, I also pan grilled a couple of tomato halves.

As usual, no salt.

Served with red wine, it was a simple but fab meal. The trick is to make sure you get good beef. Try Gourmet Plus on Frankel Avenue. Good and pretty reasonable prices.