Thank you all who sent me SMS’s or e-mails wishing me a wonderful 2007. By now you should have seen my earlier post here which tabulated and charted the Christmas Greetings into specific wishes.

Below is the chart of New Year’s Greetings:

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If you enlarge the picture, you can see that the most number of greetings for the New Year were for Happiness/Joy (25%) followed by Health (14%). This contrasts to the top two for Christmas which were Blessings (25%) and Happiness/Joy (14%). This is understandable due to the nature of Christmas which is about the birth of Christ and if you take away Santa Claus and Rudolf, it’s the Christian rememberance of the birth of Jesus Christ.

It is notable that Happiness and Joy were consistently high in greetings for both occasions which probably reflect the general desires of the people. I believe that what you wish others mirrors closely what you wish for yourself.

For New Years, third on the list was Wealth/Prosperity (9%) whereas for Christmas, it was sitting seventh on the list at a low 6%.

I have attached another picture below which shows side by side the following; from left to right, the percentages for Christmas, New Year’s and Christmas and New Year combined. Click to enlarge.

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So, looking at the combined picture, the biggest wish for me from my friends were Happiness/Joy and Blessings!

I suspect during Chinese New Year, prosperity and luck will be highest in ranking.

Once again, thank you guys and have a healthy, fabulous and very Blessed 2007!