I’m not a major fan of Roast Turkey of the Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year variety. No matter how it’s roasted; traditional, new age, tandoori or any of the various new concoctions invented to make folks buy artificially price inflated turkey.

However, I am a MAJOR league fan of leftover turkey. IMHO, turkey carcasses make probably the best broth in the world. With the broth and leftover turkey, I’ve made, post Christmas the following; turkey risotto, turkey salad, turkey sandwich, etc…

I’m just featuring two of them here lest I’m accused of being a turkey myself. The first is Turkey Pasta below (using leftover shredded turkey):

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Pretty simple stuff really. Boil some pasta in olive oil and if you need to salt (I avoid salt). In the meantime, stir fry some garlic in lots of olive oil, add some freshly cubed tomato, grind in lots of black pepper, throw in the shredded turkey and a splash of white wine. Finally, add green sweet peas and heat through. Drain the pasta and toss together. Yummy and healthy!

The next one uses the turkey broth. This is Turkey Broth Barley stew with carrots, raisins, tarragon and black pepper.

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Wash the barley thoroughly. Heat the turkey broth and cook the barley (about 45 minutes). About 25 minutes into the cooking of the barley, add some cubed raw carrots. When the barley and carrots are cooked, add in raisins while the stew is still very hot (so the raisins plump), black pepper and chopped tarragon. Serve hot with chopped coriander. This dish was outstanding… and once again, no salt (well, apart from what could have been in the turkey carcass).

So, if any of you throw away turkey carcasses, pass them over!