Bad Drivers Bedok South East Coast Road

Another Singaporean who thinks he owns the road. Another Singaporean who thinks that no body else but he matters. Now, this guy obviously made a mistake. That’s fine, we all make mistakes. Was at the junction of Bedok South Avenue (near Temasek JC) and East Coast Road. He wanted to go to East Coast Road. There was no room to filter immediately (operative word is immediately – we let him through but his car could not move sideways).

The white car in front of me could not move yet due to on-coming traffic.

The problem is that the champion in the black Toyota thought nothing at all of holding back a whole queue of traffic behind him who incidentally were all in the right of way. He was in the wrong. Easiest thing for him to do was concede a mistake and take the next U-Turn. No… Instead we all had to enjoy Tschaikovsky’s 1812 overture in car honk major… not that it made a difference to Mr. Toyota.

Evidently, his life and his time is more important, far more important than anyone elses’.

I did check to see that he did not have a pregnant wife or anything before I blogged this and as the driver was in front of us, I realised that he was only “rushing” to the POSB to get some money or something. Perhaps he was in a hurry to TT some money to the Nigerian dude whose uncle left a big inheritance…