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This morning we discovered a large lime green python in my office. It was identified as a python of the Ugly Stuffed Toys eating variety and was caught attempting to devour a particularly ugly and olfactorily repulsive stuffed toy. 

While this snake is dangerous, it only attacks ugly stuffed toys and is thus actually viewed with some affection within the white collar community. The odd thing, though, is that this python is said to originate in Sweden which makes its sighting in Shenton Way some what of a novelty.

It has been reported that the victim which is pictured above is known as a “dodo” and is in threat of coming back from almost certain extinction. While most are in favour of eradicating this blight to the workplace, one particular individual is alone in crusading for the saving of this ugly “dodo”.

Pictured below, she managed to save the dodo from the humane consumption by the python.

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Only for this time though.

Watch this space…