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It’s been a while since I did a “food I cook” post. It just got a bit tiresome taking pictures as I cooked. And actually since I cook fairly simply, even though I have many variations, it’s really off the same basic theme.

On Tuesday, I had half a glass of Rosemount Estate Sauvignon Blanc which I didn’t feel like finishing. So I kept it in the fridge and the next day, I marinated some chicken fillets with the wine and a whole bunch of rosemary leaves and some black pepper. I marinated this for 24 hours which really does make all the difference.

So tonight, when I got home, I pan fried the 24 hour marinated chicken until just done. The smell was spectacular.

Then I had some organic saffron pasta ribbons which I cooked in water with some olive oil. Remove when al dente.

Next I sauteed some chopped garlic in olive oil until just starting to brown, toss in some freshly diced tomatoes and rest of the leftover Sauvignon Blanc. Toss in the pasta and the chicken.

A simple but outstanding no salt dish. Come to think of it, it would have gone down well with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc đŸ™‚

Oh well.