This morning we had brunch with two of our cousins who was in town for the CNY break. All together there are 3 girls in their family. The youngest in Singapore, the next in HK and the oldest in NYC. Only the HK and the NYC cousins had brunch with us as although the youngest lives in Singapore, she lives in the US time zone which means she was sleeping while we brunched. However, since I dropped them home to their parents place after brunch we went up to say hello to her, her parents and the son of the middle cousin.

It was great to catch up with them and the one who lives in NYC, I have not met for almost 10 years!

It was a great brunch (the company… the food was average). We went to Gourmet Plus at Frankel Avenue.

Pictures below…. doesn’t 0ne of them look like Victoria Beckham? (The one in the last picture)

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