The first Saturday of each month, my church has a “Men-in-Covenant” (MiC) meeting which is the men’s ministry of my church. A bunch of us guys trek down there about 0730hrs on the first Saturday of every month followed by brunch.

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This morning’s brunch took us to Al Azar which is a 24-hour Indian joint on Upper Bukit Timah Road. AS, DC and myself headed down there and CH joined us a while later. Since it was brunch, we made a whole meal out of it. I had a paper doseh and a masala doseh. The paper doseh was excellent. Very thin and very crispy which is exactly the way it’s meant to be and fortunately not too oily. I also had a teh-o halia (ginger tea without milk) which unfortunately was not very good. Even though I asked for extra halia, it just didn’t have the punch that I’m accustomed too. The kopi-O I had later was fairly good but not up to the excellent standard of the Katong kopi-tiams that I’m used to.

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The rest of the guys had a combination of prata and prata plaster (which is essentially egg prata but the egg on top as opposed to inside the prata – see another picture here), soto ayam, teh chino and Milo dinosaur Godzilla. The verdict was that the prata were good but the soto ayam had much room for improvement. The drinks were generally well accepted (except for my teh-o halia, but I’m fussy about these things).

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As for me, I’ll certainly go back for the paper doseh. Well worth the trip for that.

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