Inane conversation… but anyway, for those who know him, he’s in town 13th to 22nd of March. 

[5:27:59 PM] Bo Ilsoe says: TORNADO WARNING : I will arrive your fair shores on March 13 and depart on March 22
[5:29:37 PM] Bo Ilsoe says: I met Ditter over the week-end and she said she had tried to reply to your email’s but there was no response ???
[5:30:15 PM] Bo Ilsoe says: She send her regards anyway, I also met her daughter Carla, very sweet very blond very blue eyed, surprise surprise
[5:30:16 PM] Danesh says: that’s right… she responded a couple of months ago and i forgot… better reply soon
[5:30:26 PM] Danesh says: is it your child?
[5:30:33 PM] Bo Ilsoe says: You ah, damn one kind …
[5:30:51 PM] Bo Ilsoe says: No the father is Bjorn, not my brother but boyfriend
[5:30:54 PM] Danesh says: 13th to 22nd…
[5:31:05 PM] Danesh says: your boyfriend?? she slept with your boyfriend?
[5:31:17 PM] Bo Ilsoe says: her boyfriend
[5:31:35 PM] Danesh says: your brother is not your boyfriend then
[5:31:44 PM] Bo Ilsoe says: yes you got it
[5:31:49 PM] Danesh says: i assume you’re staying at my residence
[5:32:12 PM] Bo Ilsoe says: I may take you up on that …. also have to go t KL
[5:32:32 PM] Danesh says: sure… let me know the dates when you’re likely to stay
[5:32:40 PM] Danesh says: you have the keys anyway
[5:32:46 PM] Bo Ilsoe says: ok will do
[5:32:49 PM] Bo Ilsoe says: key
[5:33:00 PM] Bo Ilsoe says: there is only one, or at least I have only one …
[5:33:05 PM] Danesh says: yep. key
[5:34:37 PM] Bo Ilsoe says: I had interesting days in DK, Thursday was funeral for Christian and Charlottes father, Friday we had mini reunion at my mums place with the family, Saturday I went for the baptising of Pia’s (Kent sister) son and also to visit Gitte (sister in law) who is not well and have been hospitalised for two weeks with a fungus infection in chest and sinus
[5:34:58 PM] Bo Ilsoe says: so it was some a roller coaster of a visit …..
[5:35:21 PM] Danesh says: wow… that sounds draining

[5:36:20 PM] Bo Ilsoe says: … and then there was partial civil war in Copenhagen because the police cleared a house that was given to youth some years back … and then the divorced princess that married the youger of the queen’s son remarried a guy of 29, she is 42 …