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I recently bought a new board game called Upwords. Usual price S$29.90 but it was on sale a couple of weeks ago at Carrefour at S$19.90. Good deal. I was at Suntec tonight for a work related dinner and when I briefly stepped into Carrefour, it was back to S$29.90 again 🙂

This game is similar to Scrabble except that you can stack letters (up to 5 letters high) to form words. Also, the individual letters do not have different values. However, you count the number of tiles you have used to form the words. Hence, the higher the stack, the higher the score which makes the game more intense towards the tail end.

It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy it more than Scrabble because it’s racier and you exercise a bit of your spatial sense as well as your language skills.

Had a number of games already since I bought it about a fortnight ago. Check it out.