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This is my butcher at the Bedok South Wet Market, opposite Temasek Junior College. The man’s name is Idris and his butchery is called simply “Idris and Son”. Idris is the guy usually at the stall while his son does the delivery.

His meats are good and for example with his lamb (S$18/kg), he uses chilled Australian lamb rather than frozen. You can call in advance to order (I have his number in case any of you want it).

Anyway, what I wanted to highlight is the cool chopping board he uses. Click the thumbnail to view the full sized picture. You’ll see that he’s got this massive chunk of log which he uses as a chopping board. Apparently, he got it from his own dad. It’s just a piece of log, naturally curved and not flat as you expect most chopping boards to be. I asked him what wood it was but he didn’t know. Does anyone know?

It’s really cool to see these old tools of the trade. If his son’s taking over (as it seems to be), it’ll be passed on to yet another generation.

Got 2kg of lamb chops that day which I marinated with garlic, fresh rosemary and Shiraz for 10 hours. It went over to my sis for the BBQ. I’d admit, his chopping is a bit haphazard but the lamb was excellent.