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What do you do when there’s nothing on telly, you don’t want to go onto the net, can’t sleep and close to midnight? Why obviously, bake!

So that’s what we did Monday midnight.

I normally find that fruitcakes tend to be too sweet. I think this is because generally an allowance for the sweetness of the dried fruits (raisins, etc) is not made. This time, we cut the quantity of sugar by half and also toned down the butter a bit.

The result? A very tasty, just right on sweetness fruitcake. I brought a bunch to work and the feedback generally was very good. The only negative (one person) was that it was not moist enough, which I agree. I can only guess that that was the result of cutting back on the butter a bit.

Overall, very happy and a good use of a bored and insomniacal Monday night! 🙂

(Click on the thumbnail to appreciate the freshly baked cake)