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This morning, my sis, two stroke and I visted our cousins and their kids. So technically, the cute kids in the pictures are two stroke’s second cousins.

The first picture presents Shan! The 6 week old son of our cousins D & M. Very cute and with big and piercing eyes! 🙂

The second picture is the almost one year old son of our cousins H & S, Sid. This kid (not sure whether to call him cute or good-looking as he’s IMHO a hybrid of both adjectives) is super good natured and always smiling!

And of course, the final picture of Sid and Two Stroke. Quite funny to see two stroke as the eldest kid in the group. Almost like the grand dame of the kiddos! Not sure if she’s used to that position yet 😉

It was great to go see them and also to meet our aunt. Great morning 🙂