Haven’t done a “Food I Cook” too often recently. Here’s one though from Sunday Dinner. Soul food, man.

I made the pie filling with skinless chicken breast marinated in oregano, chilli powder, star anise, cinnamon and some wine for an hour or so. I’d have used bay leaves but didn’t have any and couldn’t be bothered to buy as I rarely use bay leaves.

In a big pot fry up some coarsely chopped onions, cubed carrots and potatoes with some cracked black pepper. When the fragrance is sufficiently released but before the onion starts to brown, add the diced marinated chicken and continue to fry until the chicken has changed colour (i.e. all white on the outside). Make sure you include the cinnamon stick and the star anise because you want them in the pot while the filling is stewing. Finally, add the sliced mushrooms, some vegtable stock and a dash of red and let it stew over low heat for an hour. The result should be as below. A very fragrant, thick filling for the chicken pie. This is the major part of the work done.

Chicken Pie Filling

Put the filling into an oven proof dish and cover with puff pastry. I double layer the puff pastry because you get more and it’s really a popular part of this dish. Most puff pastry include margarine though, which is VERY BAD for you so make sure you read the label to ensure the puff pastry uses butter and not any form of trans fat. I got mine from Carrefour. The brand is Borg’s Country Style Buttery Puff Pastry. Glaze the pastry with egg or milk before baking. I used egg. While you’re preparing the puff pastry, preheat the oven to 210 degrees celcius.

Chicken Pie before bake

Stick the whole pie in the oven for about 40 minutes. If the tops of the pastry starts to brown before the sides, loosely place a foil over the browing bits and continue to bake. The end result below 🙂


Homebaked Chicken Pie

All finished! As usual, no salt but not lacking in taste at all!

Homebaked Chicken Pie