Last night (Friday), I was invited over for dinner at TSK’s place. TSK and I worked together a number of years ago in the largest Finnish telecommunications company (and the world too, I think).

Both of us have since left the company to do other stuff.

I’ve been fortunate to have maintained close connections and friendships with many of my ex-colleagues and TSK is no exception.

She cooked up an excellent meal and some of the pictures are posted here. Unfortunately, I ran out of batteries and didn’t take photos of my favourite dish which was the steamed pomfret. I also missed out taking pictures of the grilled eggplant with peanut butter (yep, true and was excellent) as well as grilled eggplant with mozarella.

Their boy is absolutely adorable… probably the friendliest 3 year old I’ve ever met in my life!

Couple of pictures here. Click here to see the rest of the pictures.

the-fam3.jpg     kiss-mommy.jpg