I usually hold Monthly Meetings with my team in the office, once in my home, and once in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. This month, however, we had our first meeting on Second Life. Take a look at the picture below:

The meeting was held on the U21Global island. The island is a work in progress but worth taking a look. We’ve stayed away from a regular traditional campus look and utilized Second Life in the way I think it should be used. On one side of the island, we have built it to include a lot of metaphors about learning and knowledge creation. Take a look lah. Start an account on Second Life and create an Avatar and you’ll all set to go. When you’re in, search for U21Global, go to our island and take a look and tell me what you think.

As for this meeting, I’ve had a number of meetings in Second Life but I’d say that if you want a meeting of more than 4, you should develop some protocol so you don’t have people “speaking” simultaneously which makes the flow of the meeting very difficult.

I’ve had some very productive 3 to 4 people meetings though.

Go in, take a look. I’m the guy on the scooter, btw šŸ™‚