Fish Briyani

Good stuff. Made from basmati rice. The rice was excellent. The fish was ok-lah. Not the freshest piece of fish and I thought it was a tad salty (note though, that my tolerance for salt is way low so may be ok for most). The dahl that came with it was excellent.

I’d have it again for the rice. In fact, I was telling SC that I’d just order the briyani rice (which you can) and get other stuff from other stalls.

I’d rate it 7/10 overall and 8/10 for the briyani rice and 9/10 for the dahl that came with it. So simple arithmetic will leave me with an overall rating of 8/10. Not bad… well done. Wish I remembered the name of the stall though.

Anyway, check it out at Changi Village Hawker Centre.