I’m quite tired today. It’s 11.20pm and I’m ready for bed. I’ve been up quite late on Monday and Wednesday for a very good reason.

It’s also been a week that has been emotionally draining but spiritually inspiring at the same time.

It’s also been a week that I’ve cried more than any other week (although as far as possible, I tried not to show it). 🙂

It’s also been a week where I’ve learned lessons more than any other year of my life.

It’s been a week in which I’ve begun to understand life and death.

It’s been a week where I’m beginning to understand the concept of stewardship.

It’s been a week where things that made no sense is beginning to make sense.

When I have more energy, I’ll write down my thoughts about this week. In the meantime, I want to say a big thank you to Alex and Jo.

“Well done, my good and faithful servants”.