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(pictures of Two Stroke with Nana and Nani – click to enlarge)

Yesterday, my folks left after a 1.5 month visit in Singapore. This time, they stayed with me. I was wondering how that would turn out not having lived with them (or anyone else for that matter) for many years now. Actually, it turned out very well. And when they left, I actually missed their presence at home.

So much for the apprehension.

This trip was good for them for one main reason. That their grand-daughter (my niece) seemed to get on very well with them this trip and was playing a lot with them. That was great. Also, since being kitted out with a new laptop and webcam, etc, I’m hoping they can regularly webcam with Two Stroke just to keep that momentum going. First, dad needs to get his wireless broadband sorted.

Also, it must have been a good trip for them because they went home with a lot of pressies! Laptop + related accessories, new shoes, handbags, iPod, tie, buttons, food items, etc… etc…

Next, we meet in India. Probably October or November and will probably do a side trip to Kerela or Ooty. Looking forward to that 🙂

PS: Nana = Granddad and Nani = Grandma