Had a wonderful evening with JK, AS and SC yesterday. SC and I took JK (and her bro in law, AS) out for a belated birthday evening at the Singapore Cricket Club. Picked them up at 6pm and had an evening of fun.

The Pre-Dinner Cocktails

We started out with cocktails (beer – AS, wine – DD and SC, gin/bitter lemon – JK) at the verandah of SCC overlooking the Padang, Supreme Court, etc.

as-beer-verendah.jpg jk-and-sc.jpg sc-wine-balcony.jpg

(AS, JK & SC, SC – Click to Enlarge)

While we were imbibing up in the verandah, we had the fortune to see bits of the National Day Parade rehearsal. About 630-ish, a contingent of 5 military helicopters with a huge Singapore Flag came around.


(click to enlarge)

AS and JK got sooooo excited like local tourists that they rushed out with their camera phones to snap the passing choppers (of course, I did the same but no body thought of taking pictures of me doing the same – phew).


(click to enlarge)

Just after 7, it started getting bit crowded out in the verandah so we decided to adjourn for dinner. But not before we witness the changing of the colours of the sky and a beautiful sunset sweeping over the padang, esplanade, the lights of the Supreme Court and the rest of the buildings coming up and all. Nice.

The Dinner

So, off we went down to eat at the balcony of the Oval. And boy, did we feast. AS ate a little less than I was used to seeing him do (but I did have breakfast with him that very morning where he ate 2 egg pratas, 2 plain pratas, half a carrot cake and he had a late Thai lunch so excusable lah). However, JK impressed with her healthy appetite and it was good to see her really enjoying the spread. And, really, we did feast! Take a look.

fish-head-curry.jpg gado-gado.jpg hainanese-pork-chop.jpg mee-goreng.jpg prata-tisu.jpg prata-plater.jpg satay.jpg

(click to enlarge)

Yep, that’s right. We ate all that, besides the rice which was not pictured. In order: Fish Head Curry, Gado Gado, Hainanese Pork Chop, Mee Goreng, Prata Tisu, Prata Plaster, Satay.

The consensus was that all the food items were good except for the prata plaster which was not quite done the way it should have been done. It should have been done more like the one below with the egg “embedded” into the prata looking like a plaster rather than a fried egg sitting on a prata which is what we got. Nonetheless, the rest of the food was great.


(what a Plaster Prata should actually look like – click to enlarge)

Enjoying the dinner:

jk-and-sc-dinner.jpg me-eating-dinner2.jpg

(JK and SC enjoying the dinner and a token shot of me – click to enlarge)

And for the highlight of the dinner! Since it was JK’s belated birthday celebration, we organized a little firework display for her. Unfortunately, they didn’t heed my request to cut the trees in the car park so we would get an unhindered view from the balcony area. Hmmm…. I’m glad I only left a deposit. I don’t think I’ll pay them the full amount for the fireworks.


(view of fireworks from dinner -click to enlarge)

OK lah… I cannot tell a lie. It was part of the NDP Rehearsal lah 🙂 But… we were fortunate to catch it from where we were.

Post Dinner Drinks and Entertainment

Finally, after the dinner, we adjourned to the lounge where JK and SC settled for a cappuccino and herbal tea, while AS went on with the lagers and ended up with a margarita. I stuck to my wine and kept the consumption low and slow as I was driving. Over the coffee and drinks at the dinner, there was an incredible two man band playing. Why incredible? They sang effectively in all languages; Cantonese, Hindi, English, Mandarin, Tamil, etc… and one of the guys had and incredible low to high vocal range and talented enough to play multiple instruments (including the trumpet). Good value, man, this band.

Oh, we also got them to sing a Happy Birthday song for JK.

As the evening deteriorated progressed, we starting playing games like betting who comes in the door next (Indian or Chinese, or the number of people, etc)… eventually the kitty went up to about S$10. Dunno who really won but the overall consensus was that SC was the eventual winner. So she went home S$10 richer… next dinner on you, SC 😉

Pictures taken in the lounge below:

as-and-jk-lounge.jpg as-erdinger.jpg jk-lounge.jpg

(AS & JK, AS with his Erdinger, JK – click to enlarge)

jk-and-sc-lounge.jpg jk-and-sc-lounge-2.jpg jk-sc-lounge-fooling-around.jpg
(JK & SC fooling around in the lounge – click to enlarge)

Happy Belated Birthday JK!!!!!

We really enjoyed the evening…. hope you guys did too 🙂