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Well, it’s back to clean living again. End May to July were fairly unhealthy months. As most of you know, I was averaging about 4 times per week exercise, and healthy eating.

For a variety of very good reasons (yeah, it’s true… i wasn’t just lazy plus I was ill for a week and a half), end May to early July lacked exercise, adequate sleep and healthy diet. And believe me, I’m feeling the consequences of this quite markedly.

So, today, I decided that it’s about time to go back to healthy living.

Brisked walked this morning (without the jog) but at about half the intensity compared to the earlier part of this year. But hey, it’s a start. Need to build it up again and I don’t want to overdo it after a 6 week lag.

Went out for lunch today at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club with a good friend. While my lunch companion had fried noodles (I wasn’t really paying attention if it was Hokkien Mee, Mee Goreng, Kway Teow or what) I had a salad served with poached chicken and avocados (no dressing). It was actually quite good. The chicken was extremely well poached and tender. OK, I admit, I ordered a portion of fries too. However, in mitigation, we shared this and I ordered it without salt. So while there was some fat, it was sodium free. Minor victories count.

So, coming back to the original title of this blog and the picture above. Tonight’s dinner, in the spirit of things, was healthy. And you know what, it was tasty and I actually really, really enjoyed it!

Simple too. Pan fried celery with garlic and freshly ground black pepper and salmon pan fried in grapeseed oil until the skin was crispy and yummy and the inside was cooked but nicely pink.

No salt and really delicious.

This isn’t radical dieting but it’s an attempt to get back to a consistently healthy lifestyle.