Lots happened this weekend starting Friday evening. To share them all would be a slave to WordPress so I’ve selectively decided to focus on breakfast on Saturday. Why? Coz I’ve got pictures. Simply that.

Had an early morning meeting at church which started a 7am and ended at 830am. Decided that it’s a good time to go to Serangoon Road for breakfast before the crowds kicked in. You may have seen my previous Saravana Bhavan postings here and here. Those two were at the Robinson Road branch though. This one was right smack in the Little India district.

Picked SC up at about 9am and headed there.


We each had a paper masala doseh, shared a ponggal and SC had a masala tea. The paper masala doseh was excellent, especially the potato filling in the middle. However, I think they use baking soda in the recipe coz I had this awful thirsty (MSG type) feeling for a couple of hours after and had to down quite a bit of water. The ponggal was really good. Definitely will go back for that. According to SC, the masala tea was “ok lah”.

masala-tea.jpg   ponggal.jpg


Great way to spend a Saturday morning. Breakfast, reading the papers and chilling. Walked around a bit after breakfast and ended up at Mustafa’s for a bit of shopping and supermarketing.

In spite of the thirsty feeling, I still think it’s one of the better dosehs in Singapore. Check it out.

foon-papers.jpg  me-doseh.jpg

Saravana Bhavan

36, Belilos Lane,
Off Serangoon Road,
Little India,
Singapore – 219969.
Ph : 65 – 62977755

Opens at 0730am

6th September 2013 Update:

They have long moved from this location and their standard has dropped tons. Looking for alternatives. Current favourite is Ananda Bhavan. The place is still not great but so far pretty ok. Chutneys and sambars are fab. I rate their paper doseh as just “passable” mainly because it was served to us cold and not crispy as I like it. Cold dosehs to me are just not on. Shame coz a hot doseh would have sealed the deal for me.  Service was horrendous. But hey, it’s a doseh joint, not a Michelin Tyre factory.