This morning again was an early one with an early morning session at church with the men’s minstry. After that, headed down to Vivo City for lunch. Was on my own and went to Food Republic for some Yong Tau Foo. Tasty but at S$7.90, it’s probably one of the most expensive ones I’ve had.

Anyway, for dinner, SC and I had the pleasure of KC’s company for dinner. He’s been fairly busy with his job and stuff so it’s been tough to catch up with him as often as I would like. Anyway, this evening was a good one. Regrettably, his wife could not join us as she was caught up with rehearsals for a performance that’s coming up soon.  They have been featured a number of times in my blog. A couple of them here and here.

Dinner was great. Met at about 640pm, arrived at En (after some searching around) at 7pm and we were there for pretty much 2.5 hours amid fairly good food, beer and sake. Great evening altogether. Very glad we arranged this.

The dinner troop below:

sc.jpg kc.jpg  dd.jpg

Although E couldn’t join us, she was with us in spirit 🙂   …. there she is below:


The food was generally pretty good. I’d recommend it. The service was a bit slow but if you’re in for a leisurely dinner, it’s a good place. I don’t think I got shots of all the food items, but here is a sampling below:


The Sake – not bad, it was the house pour. Served chilled as you can obviously see.


California Maki – not bad but ordinary


Some sort of Japanese Pancake with Bonito Flakes – the only thing I’d not recommend outright


Tuna Tataki – Excellent, must order!


Raw Vegetable with Miso Dressing – Another must order. Simple, yes, but the dip is spectacular.


Wagyu Beef – not bad. If you like meat, order it by all means. But I’ve had better Wagyu beef dishes.


Yakitori – not bad lah. But again, not something that you really must order. You can get equally good stuff elsewhere.

The one dish that was really good as well, I didn’t take a photo of. It’s an Okinawan dish of bittergourd, egg, tofu and luncheon meat. Yep, luncheon meat… but, it was really good. Sure order next time.

All in, I’ll give it a 7/10. I’ll probably have given it a 8/10 if the service was more prompt and attentive. Would I repeat it? Probably. With a couple of beers (happy hour prices),  sake enough for all and all the food, the bill was S$157 (including all the +++).

En Japanese Dining Bar

#01-57, UE Square
207 River Valley Road, 239918
Tel: 67352212