Earlier this week, I met SC for lunch. Felt like eating at Cedele. And I wanted quiet. Googled Cedele and noticed they had an outlet in Jelita on Holland Road. Great, I thought. Good sandwiches, clean food, chill location. BTW, you can see my other Cedele posts here.

Hang on a tick! Why is this post called “Lunch at O’Brien’s”? Well, it turned out that the Cedele at Jelita was only a bakery, not a cafe. Their website was irritatingly not clear on this point.

Didn’t want to push off as we were both hungry so decided to see what was there. Friends was there but I had just been to the outlet in Serangoon Gardens the night before. And I thought the food was only so-so and it certainly was overpriced for what we got. So, we were left with O’Brien’s which was pretty silly coz there’s one right next to my office in UIC Building.

Anyway, as you know, I normally don’t rant about places I eat even if it’s not up to par. But this one deserves a rant. You’ll see why. For S$26 dollars this is what we got.


(click to enlarge)

Turkey cranberry brie sandwich. Where was the brie? It was a severely malnourished piece of cheese which was sooo skinny that it could have appeared on a Paris catwalk. Served with some oversalted chips.


(click to enlarge)

Caesar salad with too much sour dressing with a whole lot of cardboard flavoured and cardboard textured croutons. Julius would have made it better, a lot better.

You gotta see this next one to believe it. Please enlarge the second picture below.


(click to enlarge)

The Ham with Guacamole…. hah! Guacamole??? Guaca-mana? more like it!!! In case you think I’m exaggerating, check out the photo below yourself. There must have been a severe world shortage of avocados man. In any case, it takes exceptional talent to spread such a micro-layer of guacamole. Perhaps, they’ve taken up this nano-technology thing too far.

Seriously, enlarge the picture to take a look.


(click to enlarge)

All the above, without drinks, S$26. Rip off. Needless to say, not going back there again.