I left the house intent on causing havoc. I was single tracked about that. I put on my clothes and shoes violently and deliberately. I hammered the elevator buttons and charged out of the door.

The sun was glaring. I was hot. This was good because the heat would make me more prone to causing focused and vociferous havoc.

The first person I saw, I was going to kick his head in. If it was a woman, I’ll kick her head in as well. If it was an animal, better still. I’ll kill it. And degut it. And probably paste it all over the inside of the elevator. No, I’ll keep some of the entrails and cook it in a curry and serve it to my neighbor with cyanide for good measure.

Yeah. That’s what I’d do.

The first person I saw was a really cute 4 year old girl. Totally adorable.

I cussed.

I went back home and had a cup of chamomile tea with way too much honey.