ISEAS Library

ISEAS Library


I’ve been commissioned to write a book and as a result I’ve been given access to and have been spending a lot of time at the ISEAS (Institute of South East Asian Studies) library at Heng Mui Keng Terrace which is within the NUS (National University of Singapore) environs.

The library is usually empty so I have the privilege of having the whole place to myself. The people who work here are really nice and helpful and so far, it has been an altogether pleasant experience. The surrounding environment is also green, quiet and peaceful which suits me fine. It’s still the beginning of the project and I’m still on the research phase and I’m enjoying it thus far.

It really feels like I’m back in university with the environment, jeans and t-shirt, vending machines, researching and writing. I’m hoping to do more of this.

The book is to be launched in February 2009 and most of my work should be done by November.

Well, back to work.