One would think that you could get great coffee everywhere in the East. Think again. Not really. I’m not talking about the coffee shop variety of which there are plenty of good places in the East (I’ll blog about this some other time). I’m talking about the “ang moh” type coffee, you know the latte, cappuccino sort. Think along with me. Starbucks? Nah. Cedele? Not really. Cafe Cartel? No way! Even little independent bakeries like Swiss Baeckerei and Werner’s Oven doesn’t make the grade as far as I am concerned.

Now, I don’t drink a lot of coffee but when I do drink it, it must be very, very good.

Enter Gourmet Plus on Frankel Avenue. I’ve blogged about Gourmet Plus before.

(Photo by Danesh Daryanani – Double Expresso – Gourmet Plus, Frankel Avenue, Singapore)
Gourmet Plus is a little bistro on Frankel Avenue and has a nice suburban feel to it. I think their pizzas are great and the owner, Jean-Luc Provost is often hanging around there. He lives upstairs so it’s a little bit of a playground for him.
Anyway, the coffee is excellent. This is their double expresso and it’s thick, robust, full of flavour and hot. Many places can’t get their expressos hot enough which is highly irritating. This is so tasty that the flavour lingers in your mouth for quite a while after. Usually, when I get such a great coffee, I won’t drink anything, even water, after that so I can enjoy the lingering sensation.
I think they use Illy. Be warned though, it’s fairly strong stuff so those of you used to lighter blends may find it a bit too aggressive. But those of you who love coffee, head on there. Being slightly away from Siglap, off road parking is free too. Bonus.
Gourmet Plus
117 Frankel Avenue
Tel: 6441 1120