I was shopping for a moisturizer for my delicate and sun beaten skin when I noticed a familiar face I hadn’t seen for years.

“Linda”! I cried out excitedly, “Wow, haven’t seen you for ages. How have you been? You’re looking fabulous”!

She really was looking fabulous. I meant it.

“Hey Judy, it’s been a while”, Linda replied with obvious and sincere delight.

“So Linda, you still working and hanging at Hard Rock Café”?

“No actually I’ve joined the church. I’m working full time there”.

I was momentarily stunned. Was this the same Linda whom I knew who was a major party goer with sometimes questionable morals?

She registered my shocked and smiled gently at me and said, “Yeah, I’m with the church now”.

“What happened”?

“I witnessed a miracle”, she said simply.

Wow, I thought, what a dramatic shift.

I was curious.

“Did you see someone get miraculously healed from an illness”?


“Did you see an apparition of sorts?”


“Did you see a sudden turnaround in a bad work situation”?


“Were you miraculously healed from a condition”?

She shook her head gently.

I was getting desperate to know.

“Did you see a sea part”?

“Did you dream a prophetic dream or have a brilliant vision of something”?

She kept that smile and shook her head. She would tell me, I knew that but I wanted to guess what that miracle was that turned her around so radically and seemingly for the better.

In slight jest (which I regretted later) I asked, “Did you see water turn into wine”?

She said no.

I gave up. I had to ask.

“What miracle did you see, Linda”?

She looked at me with the same gentle smile and said simply, “I gave birth to a baby girl”.