Just started reading this book by Kiran Desai. I’m a quarter of a way into it. Fantastic so far. It’s been a while since a novel sucked me in right away. Usually it takes a couple of chapters, sometimes longer. Even worse are those books that after going through it halfway, it still doesn’t grab you. Those books, I start skimming until I get to the end.

I’m actually surprised I like this book because it’s quite, how shall we say, mundane in its storyline. However, I love the language and the imagery that she is able to evoke. I feel the places that she writes about. That’s it. That’s why I like it. This is one of those “escape” books in which you are teleported into the story.

I had low expectations for the book as the last book I read which also won the Man Booker Prize, The Life of Pi by Yann Martel, was absolute rubbish in my opinion. That was one book where half way through I just said to myself, “even if this won the Man Booker Prize”, it’s still not worth my time. I skimmed it rapidly and read the last chapter. I’m so glad I didn’t bother wasting my time on that one.

But The Inheritance of Loss is a different story (pun intended). Really good stuff.