I looked at my young friend. She looked awful on the outside but great on the inside.

Seeing that, I thought hard how to respond to what she just told me.

“So he left you. You okay”?

“Yep”, she said.

What a powerful word.

The way that “yep” came out of her mouth sounded like an emphatic “nope”, I thought to myself, and kept it there.

I looked fleetingly at the receding eczema on her chin but quickly glanced away lest she notice.

Without prompting, she once again said, “yep”. And for good measure, a few seconds later, she once again added, “yep”.

I knew instinctively that was one “yep” too many.


I was unsure how to carry on.

But before I could speak again, she proceeded to say something presumably profound, but alas I couldn’t hear her because at precisely the same moment a noisy jet flew overhead and filled the space with an earth shattering sound that drowned everything out.

I decided to pass by her comment and instead mused, “Wow, that was some noisy and distracting jet, wasn’t it?”

She looked thoughtful. Almost too thoughtful.

“Yep”, she said.

“Anyway, I hope it landed safely”, I said.

“Yep”, she said.

I decided to go back to our conversation.

“Anyway, what were we on?

I remembered and decided to ask again my earlier question, “So he left you. You okay”?

“Yep”, she said.

And this time, her “yep” sounded like a resounding “Yep”.


I looked at her again.

She looked great on the outside and she looked great on the inside.