Nick Pan is a chappie I used to work with when I was at U21Global. In fact, he was the guy who re-designed the website when I was VP of Marketing for them. He was and is still working for Convertium. They did a good job, those guys.

We haven’t worked together for more than 2 years now but he has pleasantly morphed into a friend. Not the sort that we catch up every month or anything but it’ll probably end up to be like 3 times a year kind of thing. Anyway, he’s a really busy dude so it was great that after much trying and almost threatening to cancel lunch today, that we both decided to make it happen. And I’m glad we did.

We ate lunch uncharacteristically late for me, at 130pm. Most of you who know me well know that my usual lunch time is 1130 as I don’t have breakfast. Actually, since I knew that lunch was going to be late today and I was up early, I went down to Cedele on Frankel Avenue for some breakfast. That was great. They have fabulous scones and coffee. I went early, just after 8am which is when they open. It had rained all night so it was a nice cool morning. All good.

As you may have noticed from the above paragraph, I have digressed at bit.

Anyway, we had lunch at Subway in Chinatown Point for an hour and boy, did we get right into it. We covered all sorts of stuff like work, family life, talked about common friends, health issues, walk with God and church issues, and whole host of other stuff. And before we knew it, the hour was up. Just like that (snaps fingers loudly).

It’s true that I have a large social circle. However, I do not actually like big group catch ups. These one on ones are my thing.

So, Nick, thanks for making the time and we’ll pick it up again sometime Q1 2009. Enjoy your trip to HK with the fam.