I’m working on 3 client assignments and looking seriously at 3 business ventures. Most times, I can juggle. This weekend, I couldn’t.

I had one assignment which was full on and I underestimated the time I needed to spend on it. Or perhaps I overestimated my abilities. Then I had another client who needed revision to a script I was writing for a video and she was sms-ing me well into the night. I have another deadline on Tuesday for a book I’m writing and yeah, I had to force myself to put that out of my mind.

So on Sunday, I spent 14 hours on the laptop. And for those of you who know me and my attention span, that is as probable as Mas Selamat turning himself in.

So at the end of the work day (I hadn’t quite finished but I was finished) my mind was buzzing and it’s now 130 am and I can’t sleep. I hadn’t drunk any coffee today so there’s no caffeine running through the system.

So, I needed to unwind. Tried Facebook. Didn’t work. Tried music. Didn’t work. Tried to cook. Too troublesome.

After spending 14 hours writing, I decided that the best way for me to unwind is to write.

Go figure.

I do enjoy writing.  Although I wish I had the guts to write half the things I think about.

Good night folks.