I just heard some distressing news. 

From Channel News Asia:

 A stabbing had occurred at the Nanyang Technological University — leaving one dead and another is believed to have been injured. 

Police could only confirm that there is an incident, but was unable to give details. 

Eyewitnesses told Channel NewsAsia that someone had been stabbed, and that a student had jumped. 

The body was found at the bottom of a building at the engineering block, which was about five-storey high. 


Yep, it happens all around the world. I remember Finland. I remember various in the US. They were always shocking but when it’s a place that you’ve been to, when it’s a place that is your home, the shock is a bit more raw.

It’s early days yet and details are sketchy but I wonder what happened? 

More importantly, how do we stop this?


This just in at 120pm. From Straits Times.