Monday and Tuesday were bittersweet days for me.

I’ve been asked to work on an interesting assignment which is great.

But I also fell ill last weekend and though I thought I had recovered I had a fairly bad relapse on Monday.

However, I wanted to keep my commitment to the assignment I had committed to and also to meet a friend who was in town from Australia.

On Tuesday, I felt better though after a bit of exercise, it was evident that I hadn’t fully recovered.

It was sweet because it has been an interesting assignment to work on, sweet to meet my friend and sweet for another reason which I don’t care to elaborate.

It was bitter because honestly, I was not feeling great.

But net, net; the sweet far outweighed the bitter. In fact, the bitter sweet got a bit sweeter a little later at night.

I was feeling honestly quite garbagy and though I could have worked on, I went to bed before midnight. After a fairly deep sleep of an hour, I woke up. I went to get a glass of water when I noticed I hadn’t shut down my laptop. And there was a dear friend wanting to chat about something. We did. It was good. So yeah. I stand corrected. It was a sweet day for me.

The sweet far, far outweighed the bitter.

Move over bitter. Sweet, as usual, won.