Here we go, the latest additions. Mikael, where are you?

Weight Challenge 29 Sept Update

Weight Challenge 29 Sept Update

Now guys, don’t panic. We have 6 months so do this steadily. I’ve already gotten two messages over the weekend to this effect:

“oh dear, i actually put on 2 kg!!! all xxx’s fault! made me share dessert! :p”

“Did not get off to a good start at all – Met my Mum, Godma and her partner right after I joined the challenge for a meet-up session that turned into an eating spree. We arrived at dempsey at 2 and left only at 11, Hopping from Jones the Grocer to PS Cafe to Culina’s. Disgusting. Need to reboot and start over. How are you coming along?”

As for me, I didn’t have a good Sunday. Invited to F1 corporate hospitality so it was free flow champagne and great food. But that’s ok, back on track on Monday.

We’re weighing in every Friday so don’t panic and no need to obsessively weigh daily. Let’s do this the healthy way 🙂