Today, on a whim, I decided to see.

I’ve been very busy of late. Keeping 16 hour work  days on most days. I took a break last night and it was like breathing fresh, crisp air.

Today, in the middle of the work day, around 6pm  (yeah, that’s my middle), I went to one corner of my office and started to see. I stared at my bookshelf. I wasn’t looking at the books or the titles. I was looking at the way they were arranged, the patterns, and the colours. I stared at my walls. I thought they were white. With careful observation, I realized it wasn’t totally white. It was textured. I looked at the books again. I just looked at stuff around my little office for a long time.

I realized I could see.

I had a gift – yes, a gift of sight.

I realized that not all of us have it.

I was honestly thankful.