I was listening to a Michael Jackson track that I really like. It’s called “Will You Be There”. You can watch in on Youtube if they have not removed the link.

All my working life, I’ve been a brand guy. I’ve often related my opinion that some artists (writers, songwriters, singers, actors) become famous because they were at the right place at the right time. Or, they marketed themselves well. Or perhaps, they had prominent patrons who made their fame.

I’ve read blogs with brilliant writing, visited galleries with inspired art – but these people are not rich and famous. Not yet, anyway.

I’ve always wondered if fame is accidental or driven by talent.

But for some individuals, my personal opinion is that their fame is totally warranted.

Michael Jackson is one of them.

I’ve watched him. I’ve been to his concert. He was a brilliant talent. No doubt in my mind. He deserved his fame.

But did he deserve his life?

Fame and fortune are not everything. In fact, often, it is nothing.

Michael probably lacked real friends. I mean real friends.  If I knew him, I’d have spoken to him differently. Why am I sure of that? I’m a friend of the most powerful person in the world so yeah, I’d have treated Michael as a brother.

The song I made reference to upfront is a beautiful song – “Will You Be There”.

Pay careful attention to the lyrics that Michael penned. There are a lot of Biblical undertones, interestingly. I’ve bolded the bits that stood out for me:

Hold Me

Like The River Jordan

And I Will Then Say To Thee

You Are My Friend

Carry Me

Like You Are My Brother

Love Me Like A Mother

Would You Be There?


Tell Me Will You Hold Me

When Wrong, Will You Scold Me

When Lost Will You Find Me?

But They Told Me

A Man Should Be Faithful

And Walk When Not Able

And Fight Till The End

But I’m Only Human

Everyone’s Taking Control Of Me

Seems That The World’s

Got A Role For Me

I’m So Confused

Will You Show To Me

You’ll Be There For Me

And Care Enough To Bear Me

(Hold Me) show me

(Lay Your Head Lowly)

told me

(Softly Then Boldly)


(Carry Me There)

I’m Only Human

(Lead Me)

hold me

(Love Me And Feed Me)

yea yeah

(Kiss Me And Free Me)


(I Will Feel Blessed)

I’m Only Human



(Carry Me Boldly)

Carry yeah

(Lift Me Up Slowly)


(Carry Me There)

I’m Only Human

(Save Me)

save me

(Heal Me And Bathe Me)

lift me up, lift me up

(Softly You Say To Me)

(I Will Be There)

I Will Be There

(Lift Me)

i’m gonna care

(Lift Me Up Slowly)

(Carry Me Boldly)


(Show Me You Care)

Show Me You Care

(Hold Me)


(Lay Your Head Lowly)

i get lonely some times

(Softly Then Boldly)

i get lonely

(Carry Me There)

yeah yeah carry me there

yeah yeah yeah


In Our Darkest Hour

In My Deepest Despair

Will You Still Care?

Will You Be There?

In My Trials

And My Tribulations

Through Our Doubts

And Frustrations

In My Violence

In My Turbulence

Through My Fear

And My Confessions

In My Anguish And My Pain

Through My Joy And My Sorrow

In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow

I’ll Never Let You Part

For You’re Always In My Heart.