One of my favourite hole the wall joints has closed down. This one.

It shuttered on Christmas Day 2009. Unfortunately, I did not manage a trip there in December due to various travels and Christmas busyness. I did try and swing by 24th at 3pm but they were not open. Probably preparing for dinner that night.

Thank you Justina and Lareina for many memorable and fun moments there. I enjoyed the food but more importantly, met many new people and had many insightful conversations. Some of the people I met at Oregano’s are Guek Hong, Joy, Corrinne, Lareina, Elaine, Lakshan, Are, Carmond, Lynn and many more. All within a period of a few months. It was that sort of place.

Justina, all the best for whatever you’re going to do next. Back to the business with your dad, I suppose? And when you do open again (not if), do let me know and we’ll pick up from where we left off.

I’m sure you’ve learned lots of valuable lessons from running your baby and you’ll come back even stronger and more successful.

Have a wonderful 2010 filled with pleasant surprises at every turn!