So, for the first time, I get to vote.

I’m not a PAP man. Neither am I an opposition man.

I’ll vote on the basis of perceived merits and what I feel is best for the constituency, the nation and myself – in that order.

However, I already have a dilemma when looking at the PAP candidates for my GRC.

I like S Iswaran. I think he’s a good man and has substance.

I’m not enamoured by Arthur Fong for reasons I shall not elaborate here.

However, I really, really, really don’t want Foo Mee Har in parliament. I really don’t. Really.

So, if I decide to consider PAP, I’ll have to decide whether my desire to have S Iswaran in parliament outweighs my aversion for having Foo Mee Har in parliament.

GRC system is not good. I’m not sure what I’m voting for anymore. I want to vote for individuals based on merit and not a GRC. Isn’t the nation built on the foundation of meritocracy? What formula do I use to vote?