Dear Pastors, leaders and fellow church members, tongue in cheek, hor? For non-Covenanters, this is an “inside” joke. Sorry 😉


1. Everything can be alliterated

Everytime you can alliterate

Everywhere is alliteratable

Even when the link is tenuous.


2. They answer a yes/no questions with yes & no.


3. Your team looks at you as if you’ve gone nuts when you tell them that their goals for the year is to achieve to be a “certain kind”


4. BTW is no longer seen at “by the way”.


5. You start to walk to work not because it’s efficient, not because it’s effective, but because it is efficacious.


6. PDA is no longer a technological device used to organize life.


7. Your most often worn outfit is a “lovely” dark maroon polo shirt