Wow. That was one big day for Amy Cheong, NTUC, the singapore political community, the Malay community and the Singaporean citizens and residents as a whole.

It’ll die down as time lapses and new issues come up.

I pray that Amy Cheong has learned her lesson; but the right one. The lesson is not merely about being careful about what we post online, privacy settings and ranting but  lessons rather on understanding, tolerance, harmony and demonstrating love. That’s what I hope she is learning.

For the rest of us, I pray we learn to forgive.

Forgiveness does not mean I need to accept what she has done. Forgiveness is not condoning her action. Forgiving is giving her a chance in spite of what she has done. Forgiveness is also about hope.

NTUC fired her. And I believe what they did is absolutely right. It is a fair response to what she said on her Facebook page.

But eventually, she will be re-hired. I hope that we do not condemn the company that eventually hires her. And I hope she does not abuse that hope that we will put in her. I hope she has learned and will use this to be more tolerant and teach others to be the same way.

Yes, I roundly condemn her actions.

But I choose to hope.