Screenshot 2013-12-02 17.27.51I’ve been identified as a foodie. I can understand that. I take lots of pictures of food. But I also take lot of pictures in general.

So, for the record, I’m a Phoodie, not a Foodie. I like taking pictures of food. About half the pictures of food I have taken, I did not eat. While I enjoy food, I’m not the guy who will queue even 5 minutes for the best char kuay teow on the island. 

I appreciate decent food and great service in an ambiance I appreciate. I’ll pay for that. 

Interestingly, a one picture I posted years ago which garnered a lot of likes (crab linguine) was probably the most vile thing I had ever tasted. But the picture looked good.

So yeah, don’t use to my pics as an indication of what’s good. 

I’m a Phoodie, not a Foodie. It’s a photograph. 


(PS I’ve never read the term Phoodie. It may be a first. If it goes viral, remember, it started here first.)