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Blogging History

I started blogging at (first called on 3 January 2006.

That’s 8 years of blogging. When I read some of my past posts, I cringe. But that was me then. I evolved. I’m sure I’ll cringe when I read some of my upcoming posts way into the future. However, I still do like my first post. Thanks Paul for getting me started.

My blog is not successful or famous but I’ve had a fair following. Since I’ve started blogging up to the writing of this post, I’ve had a total of 342, 333 views and 2,195 comments (some spammy types). On my best day, I had 15,038 views.

My top post was the transcript of Mrs. Yap’s speech with 35, 552 hits (shared with permission). Other notables include Roasted Chicken (12,778), Easter (10,488), Guide to Ordering Local Coffee (7,519) and more recently, taxi driver Cheng Teck Hock and the Ferrari Driver Ma Chi (2000). Other notable posts over 1500 views include my recent post on Anton Casey and Cook a Pot of Curry Day.

Those who have followed me, thank you. For some who have followed me over 8 years, you too would have noticed the change in tone and types of postings. In retrospect, it is interesting for me to see this too.

Facebook History

I joined Facebook on 4 December 2006 and my first ever post (besides profile picture) was a really cute picture of my niece and I.

Over the years, I’ve had fun on Facebook. Here are the things I got from Facebook:

1. Keeping in touch with family and friends. Especially since my parents don’t live in Singapore, it’s good to see what they are up to and vice versa. Many of my close friends live overseas too.

2. Greeting friends with happy birthdays, congratulations, commiseration and such like. It’s true that I would not have known or remembered some of them if not for Facebook. But still, it’s good to greet and be greeted, to laugh and to cry together.

3. Real connections. Yes, I’ve had real, flesh and blood, meaningful connections on account of Facebook.

4. Work opportunities. Because I am fairly active on social media (including besides Facebook), I’ve been on the “radar” of many people and a lot of new businesses have come through various social media networks, including Facebook.

However, the disadvantages are:

1. Time wasting

2. Self-indulgent postings (on my part – I can’t speak for others)

3. More time wasting

Another  thing I don’t like about Facebook is the inability to search for things . So if I want to look for a past post of mine or search for an  interesting article that a friend posted, I can’t find it. Hence, I’ve noticed that I’ve slowly  returned to blogging things I want to keep; ads I like and want to refer to again, thoughts and reflections, pictures I want to keep, etc.

But Facebook is not all bad and I do enjoy parts of it so I’ll still be there. But less active.

Instead, I’ve started blogging again, keep Pinterest Boards of things that interest me like Book Design and upload photos on dedicated blogs or Flickr. I’m also going to start contributing to SALT, which is Singapore’s thought leadership platform for issues shaping our society. Many of these, I’ll continue to share on Facebook. However, my level of social interaction there will decline.

I also started journaling with ink and paper a lot more. These are, of course, my more personal and reflective thoughts.

So Facebook, I’ll still be around but I’ll be playing at other places. Happy 10th Birthday and thanks for all the fun so far!

(P.S. I’m updating my company website as we speak and will post that on Facebook when done).